It all started with a dream…

Since first learning to weld in high school, Corey Stoks had always dreamed of having his own metal fabrication and welding shop. ABM Manufacturing was just a small metal job shop when Corey took on the position as shop foreman, but when the owner retired and decided to sell the business in 2016, Corey turned that long-time American dream to reality. Through hard work, determination, and initiative, ABM Manufacturing has grown into one of the leading metal fabrication and welding manufacturing shops in the area. The first addition to speed up production was a Marvel Vertical-Tint automatic indexing band saw system. Adding a sandblasting and powder coating system in 2019 gave ABM an edge on a durable quality finish. Then in 2020, ABM moved into a new/current larger location allowing room for further expansion. In 2023, ABM gain more precision in bends by adding a new Bystronics Xpert Pro Press Brake and in 2024, a Bystronics By Smart Fiber Laser Table capable of cutting up to one inch thick plate with speed and precision. The most integral key to ABM’s success though, is that over the years, ABM has assemble a small but powerful team of some of the best fabricators and welders. They pride themselves on quality while still meeting deadlines. ABM looks forward to serving their area and customers for years to come.

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